Does Instabridge have any fees?

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Does Instabridge have any fees?

Currently Instabridge does not have any fees for Ethereum originated transactions, however, you will need some ETH in your Ethereum account to cover the Ethereum gas fees to convert from the Ethereum supported ERC-20 token to the wrapped token on the Radix network.

For Radix originated transactions, i.e. unwrapping tokens from the Radix network to the ERC-20 token, you will be charged a Gas fee. This fee will be taken from the final amount of ERC-20 token that you are given.  You will also be charged a Radix Network Fee in XRD, which will occur within your Radix Wallet.

For example for converting ETH to xETH on Instabridge, you will be charged ETH Gas fees through your MetaMask wallet. If you’re converting xUDSC to UDSC, the amount of UDSC you will receive will be USDC minus the Gas fee and the Radix Gas fee (in XRD). 

Why do I need to convert my ERC-20 tokens to Radix network supported tokens? 

In order to use your ERC-20 tokens in Radix based DeFi applications they need to be in a Radix network supported format. 

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