New Instabridge Transaction Statuses

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New Instabridge Transaction Statuses

When you make a transaction in Instabridge, you can view the transaction status in your Transaction History. 

You may see the following statuses:

In Flight - This means that your transaction has been submitted and we are awaiting confirmation that the transaction has been successful, this might take a few minutes depending on the Ethereum gas price you set in Metamask. Please note, this may take 1 business day to change to the next state.

Completed - Success! This means your transaction has been successful and you should see the tokensin your Radix wallet.

Refunded - If there was an issue with your transaction meaning your transaction was not successful, you might have received a refund of your tokens instead. We will be in contact with you to let you know if this has happened so watch out for emails from Rfunds are always returned to the wallet address that they were sent from.

Failed - Your transaction was not successful and your funds are currently in holding, this means that they are secure but haven’t arrived in your wallet address as expected. In this case, if it isn’t possible to process your transaction, we will refund you instead. We will email you from to let you know if this has happened.

Problem - There has been an error with your transaction. Please email so we can help resolve this.